La Bonne Brosse - Beauty through gesture

The founders of Le Bonne Brosse, Flore and Pauline, are two school friends, passionate about the beauty industry, with experience in the universe of beaty for more than 10 years each for the major groups in the sector.
They studied the scalp and the hair under the microscope, without forgetting all the ingredients and gestures that really do good. for hair and scalp.
All supported by exciting meetings with the best expert French brushmakers.

On the strength of all this research, Flore and Pauline are now convinced that the beauty of hair comes first from the right gesture.
This is why, initially, the founders of La Bonne brosse decided to fine-tune in every detail the perfect object, the only one capable of awakening the initial beauty of each hair: the hairbrush.
This essential tool for the well-being of the hair, invigorates the hairthe most breathless as well as the most recalcitrant, or even the most capricious.

The phylosophy
Brushing your hair is one of the best ways to show your mind and body that you're listening. To give yourself time on a daily basis for a 100% pleasurable gesture that immediately relieves the tensions of the day but also has the unique power to make your hair look younger and more beautiful day by day...

Brushing for better hair hygiene
Why do you multiply shampoos to keep hair clean ? Above all because they are attacked on a daily basis.
Between atmospheric pollution, dust, coloring residues, perspiration or even tobacco smoke, the enemies of your scalp are numerous and very often inevitable.
The problem ? Too frequent shampoos over-stimulate the scalp, which therefore produces too much sebum and re-greases more quickly than normal. To break this vicious circle and keep hair healthy and clean , it is best to brush your hair regularly.

Why comb your hair regularly?
Above all to naturally moisturize the hair, rebalance the sebum and distribute it evenly over the hair fibre, from roots to ends.
The second benefit of hair brushing? Rid your hair of the impurities that accumulate there without resorting to any product.
Which brings us to the third great advantage of the operation: it allows you to space out the shampoos considerably.
The idea? Preserve your scalp, but also save time and lighten your mental load.

How to brush your hair properly for better hygiene?
First of all by doing it twice a day for at least two minutes, and by using the right hairbrushes.
Between massage brushes with nylon bristles to detangle well and boar bristle brushes to moisturize and condition, our models are there to help you find clean and beautiful hair all year long !
Slow beauty
The commitment to lasting beauty - Regular brushing is the ""slow beauty"" gesture par excellence since it can reduce the use of hair cosmetics by half!

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