N.04 Cerise Baby Brush The Miracle LA BONNE BROSSE


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The benefits
Deeply revitalized scalp thanks to massage
Known for its addictive massaging properties, this little nylon hair brush works miracles. Thanks to its irregular pile and the flexibility of the nylon fibers, this little hair brush is as useful as it is pleasant: it detangles while offering a moment of pure relaxation. Its small epoxy beads help to boost blood microcirculation and accelerate hair growth: your scalp is revitalized and your hair is radiantly healthy!

How to use the small massaging hair brush N.04
In the morning, at noon or even at night, this little vegan brush is suitable for all hair types, whether thick, curly or straight. There is nothing better than a nice morning brush to start the day! This little hair brush gently detangles knots and stimulates the hair bulb at the roots. But because so many impurities can accumulate in the hair, we also recommend brushing your hair during the day and before bedtime. No matter when you use it, this nylon brush is full of benefits.

Composition of small massaging brush
Made from 100% nylon fibers, this small vegan brush is designed to work through all hair types, from the straightest to the most unruly. The nylon fibers vary in size and are long and stiff enough to reach your hair fibers and gently detangle them.

Pro tip
For particularly relaxing and effective brushing, start by detangling your lengths and gradually work your way up to the roots. Once your hair is detangled, brush it back and forth, upside down or to the sides : you can go either way!

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