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Thanks to its boar bristle composition, the Baby Brush N.01 is the ideal solution for fine hair that lacks density.
It provides vitality, shine and volume: it is the ultimate care hair brush !

The benefits of The Universal Baby Brush N.01

1. Although the model is smaller, the benefits of this detangling brush remain unchanged: the Baby Brush N.01 has all the qualities of a large one!
With its boar bristle composition, this small hair brush offers much more than just brushing.
The 100% natural keratin content moisturizes the hair fiber and distributes the sebum along the roots to the ends : a truly relaxing experience!

2. A hair brush to take everywhere with you:
Designed to be easily transportable, this boar bristle hair brush fits perfectly into your bag or pocket. Lightweight and practical, the Petite Hair Brush is within reach ! Before a meeting or an appointment, treat yourself with a unique moment of relaxation for you and your hair!

3. A moment of sharing:
Easy to handle, the Baby Brush N.01 is suitable for young and old alike.
Brushing hair becomes a moment of complicity and sharing with your family.

-Curly hair, frizzy hair or fragile hair: the Universal Baby Brush N.01 is suitable for all hair types.
-It detangles, conditions and cleanses hair of impurities.
-recommendation for curly hair: use the detangling hair brush at night before bedtime and the curls will naturally regain their shape during the night for an optimal result in the morning.
*for those that have lack of volume the recommendation is to brush the hair in the morning, starting from the temples to the back of the head, then from the top towards the nape of the neck.

Composition of the Universal Baby Brush N.01
-Because it is rich in keratin, the composition of this boar bristle hair brush is similar to the composition of human hair.
-It stimulates and nourishes the scalp in an effective and natural way.
-The irregular implantation of the boar bristles makes the Universal Baby Brush N.01 easily to detangle the hair mass and deposits its moisturizing and revitalizing care on each hair. The hair is denser, fuller and healthier !

To make brushing as pleasant as effective, start with the lengths and working your way up to the root and scalp.
Then gently run the hand through the hair to style flyaways and create a natural effect.
To avoid weakening the hair, brushing should always be done on dry or slightly damp hair.

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