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Inspired by Japanese shiatsu brushes, the Baby Brush N.04 is ideal for aerating and revitalizing hair.

Miracle Baby Brush N.04 is vegan.
This small massaging hairbrush will also delight people who are concerned about their impact on the planet.
Detangling, soothing and massaging, La Bonne Brosse aka The Good Brush is the ultimate beauty accessory.

The benefits of The Miracle Baby Brush N.04

1. Deeply revitalized scalp through the massage:
the soft nylon fibers and the irregular arrangement of the pins provides a particularly addictive massage; the epoxy beads boost blood microcirculation and activates hair growth: the hair will be shiny, light and deeply nourished!

2. Easy to detangle:
this Baby Brush N.04 gently detangles all types of hair, even the most unruly. Thanks to the vegan nylon fibers, the small detangling brush penetrates easily into the hair.

3. Amplified care:
this small vegan hair brush can be used on dry hair like any other traditional brush, but it is also very effective on wet or damp hair. It improves the effect of treatments and helps nourishing creams or hair masks to penetrate better.

Composition of the Miracle Baby Brush N.04
-the nylon fibers of this small vegan hair brush are of varying sizes and follow the curves of the scalp perfectly.
-this massaging brush can be used for all hair types because of its irregular pile and its ultra-soft rubber.

-used in the morning, this vegan hair brush stimulates the bulb at the root and gives volume to the hair. In the evening, it cleans the scalp and removes accumulated impurities.
-at any time of the day, this massaging brush offers a particularly pleasant and addictive moment of relaxation.

-This soft and stimulating boar bristle brush is ideal for unruly or messy hair.
-It detangles, styles and detoxifies the scalp of all impurities.

With its incredible softness, this small detangling hair brush is perfect for thick, curly, soft or straight hair.
To make brushing as pleasant as effective, start with the lengths and working your way up to the root and scalp.
Then gently run the hand through the hair to style flyaways and create a natural effect.
To avoid weakening the hair, brushing should always be done on dry or slightly damp hair.

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