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Native to tropical and subtropical zones, the magnolia tree appeared on Earth over 95 million years ago. This majestic evergreen, which can live up to a hundred year, bears ephemeral blossoms scented with lemony, rosy and vanillic facets.

A symbol of purity, beauty or feminine perfection in various cultures, the magnolia blossom is often synonymous with Yin, the feminine side of life.
InAtala, the writer Chateaubriand, fascinated with its fragrance, often refers to it to describe the supernaturally lush Nature of the New World.

It is the dual symbolism of this tree, so ancient that it can be imagined growing in the Garden of Eden, its incredible life-force and soft femininity, that inspired Pierre GUILLAUME’s fragrance.


The fragrance opens with the floral intensity ofthe magnolia blossom, cradled in itsgreen leaf. Rather than a magnolia extract, the perfumer has chosen to use aHeadspacethat captures all the fresh, rosy, vanillic and earthy facets of the living ower on the tree, but also the dewiness and green radiance of its leaves.

Acrunchy,tastycandy apple is revealed in the heart notes, balanced by the fruit’s tart freshness. Tastybut not sugary, SUPERLADY’s green, fruity, gourmand accord stayscrispandlively.

In the base notes, the perfumer has bypassed patchouli, cistus or benzoin, preferringWhite Amberto add afresh,powdery nishthat extends the resonance of the suave oral green notes of magnolia for hours on end.

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