Pierre Guillaume Paris
The brand Pierre Guillaume isn’t just another perfume brand: it is an independent, family-owned Composition House.
The fact is rare enough to be highlighted : since 2002, Pierre Guillaume Paris has been developing step by step as a financially independent company headed by
its own Perfumer-Composer.
Its Ateliers Pierre Guillaume facilities in Clermont-Ferrand (APG1) include a Creative Studio, a raw materials cellar and a packaging unit. Each of our fragrances, conceived by Pierre Guillaume, is developed, formulated and produced in the Ateliers PG.
The brand has two own stores, the first in Clermont-Ferrand, and the second in Paris, opened in August 2016. A department store at Printemps Beauté Haussmann opens in July 2017. The brand is present worldwide in 270 shops.

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