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N.03 Rose The Essential Softness Sensitive Scalp LA BONNE BROSSE


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690 lei (TVA inclus)

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N.03 Rose/ The Essential Softness Sensitive Scalp LA BONNE BROSSE


Gentle care for sensitive hair
The meticulous blend of boar bristles and synthetic nylon fibers are designed to give your hair instant strength and shine.
This combination moisturizes your hair fiber thanks to the structural keratin composition of boar bristles, while consolidating your hair by gently brushing with nylon fibers.

Gentle massage treatment for the scalp
-The spherical shape of the spikes and the rigidity of the skilfully studied synthetic fibers of this boar bristle and nylon brush ensure a deep and delicate massage of the scalp.
-Result: reactivated microcirculation, promoting hair growth!
-Its gentle properties on all levels make Indispensable Douceur Soin et Perfection Rose, an ideal brush to use for sensitive hair, even that of children!

Straight or soft, this hairbrush is suitable for all hair types, mainly for people with weakened hair fibres.
In the morning, this hairbrush gives you effortless detangling and flawless styling for the rest of the day.
Used in the evening, it offers your hair a deep cleansing before the night.

Your hair is thick or your scalp is resistant? Turn to our Indispensable Care and Perfection . This standard version has stiffer fibers which promises you a more vigorous massage.

The composition
-The combination of boar and nylon bristles that make up the Indispensable Soft Care and Perfection Rose make it a perfect 2-in-1 brush.
-Made up of keratin, a protein naturally present in our hair, the boar bristles of this hairbrush act as a natural repairer for your hair.
-These pimples also allow your hair to be more resistant. All while delivering an invigorating massage to your scalp without attacking it.
-The fibers of this hairbrush are piled by hand using traditional know-how and 100% made in France!

Genefral information
-Whether straight or soft, this hairbrush is suitable for all hair types, mainly for brittle hair fibers and irritated scalps that need specific care.
-Used during a morning ritual, the Indispensable Soin et Perfection Corail will gently detangle and style your hair. In the evening, a short brushing session before bedtime will clean them thoroughly.
-However, if you have thick hair and an insensitive scalp, do not hesitate to turn to the N.02 THE ESSENTIAL Care & Detangling hairbrush , whose fibers offer a more energetic massage.

How to use
Use it on dry or slightly damp hair, so you can fully enjoy the benefits of boar bristles combined with nylon fiber.

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