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Young Rose presents an ode to the perennial restlessness of youth: an olfactive diary of those who are writing their own future. By layering fiery Sichuan pepper upon a foundation of Damascus rose, the fragrance deliberately defies convention, offering a twisted take on classic romance.
Reframing tradition through the perspectives of a new generation.
On previous visits to China, Ben Gorham was struck by its creative vibrancy. It mirrors global sentiments, as the young everywhere fervently search for their place in that muddled intersection of what is gone and what is to come.
“The next generation have an emotional obligation to cultivate new versions of what the previous one did, it’s their job to take that fearless dive, to find the next iteration. Young Rose salutes this spirit. ”
Ben Gorham, founder & creative director, Byredo.
The flowers in the courtyard show no sign of bloom,
Yet the maid of the jade mansion already senses the coming of spring.
She hoped to see her love journeying through her dreams,
Yet the sober hour comes, and she knows the way south is far away.
She writes a letter and in secrecy sends it,
But it is a futile task, he will not return any sooner.
If you ask how far her longing reaches, then in comparison
The distance to the world’s end is shorter.
晏几道 Yan Jidao
11th century Chinese poet
Top notes: Sichuan Pepper, Ambrette Seeds
Middle notes: Damascena Rose, Orris
Base notes:  Musk, Ambroxan

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