Tobias Wistisen Jewelry

For Tobias Wistisen designing jewelry is a balancing act pushed to its most extreme limit. Born in Denmark and trained at ESMOD in Paris, he gained his first industry experience working in the design studio of John Galliano.
His work represents a combination of these two influences, taking the high drama of Parisian Haute couture and the anarchistic approach he developed at Galliano, and then applying it to the rigorous functionalism and craftsmanship of Scandinavian design. While his background in apparel design enabled Wistisen to develop a keen and unorthodox approach to materials and form, he was eventually drawn to accessory design because it enabled him to develop a hands on approach to design.

All materials are meticulously treated by hand, ensuring that each piece is totally unique and made to the highest quality. And yet, in spite of all of this detailed precision, his work pursues a rough, aggressive, and worn aesthetic. Metals are often subjected to aging processes, and materials are chosen for the way the change and develop personality over time. Inspiration ranges from futuristic vehicles to ancient armours, all sourced to produce a decidedly strong vision of masculinity.

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