Lito Jewelry

Lito has a rare ability to
gracefully roam between the realms of modernism, romance, science, ancient
tribes and tradition with a sui generis finishing touch that few visionary
artists can achieve.

It is the deep knowledge of all the worlds every
woman carries inside her, alongside with meticulous craftsmanship and a taste
level that has been perfected by sculpture studies at the Ecole Nationale des
Beaux-Arts de Paris and technical drawing at the Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale
de la Bijouterie, Joaillerie et Orfevrerie.

From India to Japan and Egypt to Russia, Lito
travels the globe with the heart of a modern age pirate, in search of
magnificent stones and uncommon materials.

Her always curious eye never stops astonishing
us with ever changing ways of translating her sensitive yet bold view of the
world into pieces that a woman can place on her body as symbols of who she is,
where she came from and what her dreams are made of.

Pieces so unique and inspiring that become
instant collectibles and have honored the fashion shows of Kenzo and Jean Paul
Gaultier couture and “pret-a-porter” collections.

Lito's avant-garde work is showcased in Olivier
Dupon's book by Thames & Hudson Ltd titled “The new Jewellers” - an
anthology of rising talent in the field of jewellery creation across the globe,
introducing the most emblematic new designers.

Since 1999, “Cabinet des Curiosities” is Lito's
atelier-boutique in the center of her hometown, Athens. Similar to the city
that shelters it and much like Lito, it is indeed a chest full of wonders.

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