EX NIHILO is a Parisian perfume house.

An alternative to stereotyped luxury products, an alternative to the mass personalisation.Inspired byboth the creative avant-garde and the French spirit of pure refinement, we aim to share our own conception of luxury, in bringing to the fore the pinnacle of know-howand the most splendid raw materials in perfumery.

EX NIHILOdraws its' inspiration from the iconoclast and free thinkers: from emerging talents in perfumery and architecture, to passionate designers and hardcore glass-blowers.In opening new collaborative paths between perfume creators, the latest technology and the artistic community, we will try to respond to the demands and desires of a passionate generation searching for the most inspiring discoveries and sensations.

There is nothing contradictory to marry secular savoir-faire with innovation to create a contemporary and wholly new result.FounderSYLVIE LODAY.

EX NIHILO is a brand of convictions: it challenges as much as it unites the modern and the ancient, tradition and avant-garde. We want to make an impression.Founder OLIVIER ROYÈRE.

We intend to create synergies and collaborations with talents across different fields. Ourreferences come as much from perfumery as from design or architecture.Founder BENOÎT VERDIER.

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