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Commiphora Face Cleanser created by AFRICAN BOTANICS is an exfoliating cleansing gel with AHA+, BHA+ and Niacinamide.
An effective exfoliating gel cleanser that powerfully washes away impurities and resets the skin, while being gentle enough to use every day. The sulfate-free formula is pH balanced and made with mild, biodegradable, plant-derived surfactants for a low foaming, non-stripping lather. The results go beyond a refreshing experience and range from tightened pores, to balanced oil production, to reduced breakouts, to added radiance, and a more even skin tone and texture.
The sustainably-cultivated star ingredient, Commiphora Wildii, an aromatic resin from a biodynamic shrub ethically harvested in the Namibian desert, contains anti-bacterial, rejuvenating, and balancing properties. A potent blend of clarifying acids such as Lactic (AHA), Mandelic (AHA), and Salicylic (BHA), carefully increases cell turnover, exfoliates dead skin, and cleans out clogged pores to help prevent blemishes, smooth skin texture, and minimize pores and redness. Niacinamide joins to further refine the appearance of pores and imperfections, and give the skin barrier a boost to better retain moisture.
The key to this cleanser’s ability to deeply clean while keeping skin calm and hydrated lies in its thoughtfully curated ingredient lineup. Silk Amino Acids and Pro Vitamin B5 come together to hydrate, provide anti-inflammatory benefits, and prevent transepidermal water loss, for more moisturized skin. Antioxidant-rich Rooibos Extract and Honeybush in partnership with Rose Geranium Leaf provide protection against environmental stress, while rebalancing, tightening, soothing, and bringing relief from inflammation. Bulbinella Leaf, which cleanses skin of impurities, dirt, and makeup, also helps reduce redness associated with breakouts. Aloe Ferox and Kigelia round out the ingredients to supply skin with a surge of hydration as well as soothe, tighten, and firm.

pH of 4.5 – 5.5
Plant-derived surfactants + biodegradable formula. 100% Cruelty-free.

Scent: Balsamic, spicy and fruity notes
Texture: Gel

– For all skin types
– Dull, uneven, aging skin
– Blemishes & breakouts

-balances the skin’s natural pH
-clarifies and reveals a radiant complexion
-assists in the reduction of breakouts
-it does not disturb the skin’s natural oils or moisture
-removes dead skin buildup
-natural anti-inflammatory properties of Aloe and Bulbinella leaf calm stressed skin

Apply an almond-sized amount of gel cleanser to damp skin each morning and/or evening.
The formula emulsifies when met with water and transforms into a low foam lather.
Massage onto face and thoroughly rinse.
After cleansing in the morning, follow with sunscreen as the last step to protect skin.
If using AHA or BHA for the first time, start with a small patch test before applying all over.
For drier skin types, use up to twice a week as a treatment cleanser.

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