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260 lei (TVA inclus)

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Sepai CITY Shield combines the physical and chemical sun filters, together with the power of biotechnological green ingredients from a red coral, diatomaceous sea bottom extract and natural fermented polysaccharides. All with one and only mission: to protect the skin in 4 stages.

1. Immediate effect – the erythema: Protecting the skin from the UVB radiation, it increments its resistance and reinforces its protection capacity from the sun burn.

2. Mid-term effect – anti-oxidant and anti-ageing power: the sun related skin ageing, commonly leads to wrinkles and spots, caused by the reaction of the skin against the harmful effects of UV radiation and environmental pollution.

3. Long term effect – DNA protection and repair: Preventing the invisible damage, definitely the most important, happening at an extracellular and intracellular levels (oxidative stress, inflammation, mitochondrial and cellular toxicity caused by UVA, Infra-red and visible light radiations).

4. Chronic effect – Inflammation prevention: the multiple sun radiations and the air pollutants create skin’s micro-inflammation. This is the first cause of all the undesired aesthetic effects like spots, irregular pigmentation, sun allergies and reduced resistance to sun exposure. Keeping micro-inflammation under control is paramount.

This is the most advanced technology for a real and global protection. The complete DNA-Protect formula offers protection against the sun spectrum and the environmental skin pollutants. This mechanism of protection offersProtection against pollution particles (carbon, heavy metals & heavy particles). Domestic or industrial used chemicals.

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