Obsidian Face Roller


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In traditional medicine, obsidian stone is known for its healing properties.

Product description
The stone helps relieve muscle inflammation, strengthen the connective tissue, and aid the body to better absorb vitamin C and D. In addition to its physical effects, the Obsidian stone can also demonstrate energetic properties by enhancing the flow of life energy, as existing blockages are released. Designed by Susanne’s brother, renowned architect Oskar Leo Kaufmann, the Obisidan Face Roller features black Obsidian stone from South Tyrol, which was hand-cut by local craftsman. The delicate handle is cut from fine nut woodand the steel mount was designed by expert blacksmith and metal specialist Felder in Andelsbuch.

When using the Obsidian Face Roller at home, always place it in the center of the face and stroke / roll horizontally outwards. To treat the area around the eyes, place the roller under the eye next to the bridge of the nose and roll it horizontally towards the temple. For a rapid reduction of swelling around the eye area or for a small “emergency treatment” put the roller in the refrigerator for a few hours before use. We recommend to use the face roller especially for ampoules and serums.

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