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Mirroring the morning ceremony of applying scent, Night Veils are designed for the ritual of the night.
Like flowers that emit their most potent aroma at dusk, these intense perfume concentrates are crafted from carefully selected, high-quality raw materials.

The latest release in the Night Veils collection, Rouge Chaotique, joins Casablanca Lily, Reine de Nuit, Sellier, Tobacco Mandarin and Vanille Antique as part of Byredo’s series of Extraits de Parfum. Mirroring the morning ceremony of applying scent, Night Veils are designed for the ritual of the night, their application signalling the start of the evening and the descent into adventures unknown. Like flowers that release their headiest scent at twilight, these penetrating concentrates of perfume are made from noble raw materials chosen with meticulous care. Distilled into a pure essence utilising time-honoured techniques, a small amount works closer to the skin and radiates through the heat of the body, lingering for many hours. Whether worn for a night out or simply to bed, Night Veils offer profound olfactory stimulation, inspiring and reflecting a natural world of imagination, memory and desire.   

Presenting the first oud gourmand fragrance in the Night Veils series, Rouge Chaotique takes personal inspiration from Ben Gorham’s belief that accepting the chaos within any creative process can result in singular forms of expression. As darkness brings forth its own revelations, scattered thoughts come together as fragments of words, pictures and poetry, impulsively noted down. 

Embracing the imperfect, the contradictory and the unexpected, a unique symphony of opposing elements emerges. Rich and opulent, deep powerful aromas are overlaid with jammy red fruits, electrified with vibrant emotion. At the top, a prelude of precious saffron undercuts the fresh juiciness of blackcurrant and bergamot with a tangent of spiced leather. Velvety smooth gourmand notes form the heart, as syrupy sensations of plum and the toasted sweetness of praline transform into an irresistible guilty pleasure. 

Drawn from one of the world’s most opulent raw materials, the animalic sensuality of agarwood brings the spectacular finale, blended with patchouli and balanced with the crisp tension of papyrus. A thrilling taste of contrasts, Rouge Chaotique finds beauty in the discordant, an expression of harmony mined from dissonance.  


Top: Saffron, Blackcurrant, Lemon, Bergamot 

Heart: Praline, Plum 

Base: Patchouli, Oud, Papyrus 

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