Pure Narcotic EDP Boadicea the Victoriuous


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Experience the potency of prized ingredients that entwine and caress with addictive appeal. Beware the allure of fig leaves and the temptation of head-spinning floral middle notes.

One encounter with Pure Narcotic and you’re hooked – lost in the potency of prized ingredients that entwine and caress with their addictive appeal. Beware the obsession created by the allure of fig leaves and fruitiness of davana; the irresistible temptation of floral middle notes and base notes that feature a touch of tonka to bring a vanilla-like sweetness infused with a vibrant green edge. Can a perfume really be addictive? Can it genuinely make your entire being crave for more? You and you alone will know the answer when Pure Narcotic takes hold.

Captured in a sensuous bottle emblazoned with flashes of ruby red and fiery gold, these lavish fragrances reflect the ruby gemstone’s embodiment of passion, protection and prosperity. Exuding energy, ruby is also said to bring a sense of adventure to the wearer – as those privileged to wear these exotic perfumes will fervently agree. Dare you succumb to temptation? As with all Boadicea the Victorious fragrances, both the eau de perfumes and pure perfumes deliver exceptional endurance on the skin.


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