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480 lei (TVA inclus)

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It’s next to impossible to not be intrigued by a perfume that asks, “What qualifies anything for the right to exist?”And who else but CdG could promise notes of brown Scotch tape and glue®€¦and make it something utterly sublime and wonderful? This is a linear perfume that takes the wearer on a journey®€¦where you start is not where you end up and in this case, the destination is every bit as good as getting there. The freshly cured leather-like notes safraleine and the rush of manmade aldehydes are the first to greet the nose, a prelude to the carefully constructed organics of hawthorn and lilac. Floral oxides bloom like imaginary flowers from an unknown civilization, while the industrialized notes of glue and packing tape pull at the guilty “I thought I was the only one who loved that smell!” pleasure centers in the brain. Musk and mild, unsweet, vanilla-like styrax make sure this fragrance is human and relatable at its core, pulling together both the artificial and the interpretations of nature at its most fleeting and delicate. It’s a perfume that couldn’t exist in a bottle that shouldn’t exist, a hand blown flacon with the shapelessness of melted light bulb that defies convention. Pushing the limits is CdG’s calling card, and we think you’ll love the excitement and relatability of this one.

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