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An untranslatable Japanese noun,Komorebieloquently describes the light of the sun filtered through tree leaves. Its etymology reveals the sophistication and poetry of the concept distilled into it by the Japanese spirit: the threekanjithat express it mean «tree», «escape» and «light».

Komorebi is the light that links sky and earth, guided by the most potent symbol of nature: the tree.

The vegetal world, air and light are the three leading principles that inspired Pierre Guillaume for this rework of the House’s theme 09, the «aromatic floral», explored for the first time in 2006 with Yuzu Ab Irato.

This time, the perfumer offers the vegetal poetry of an armful of fresh leaves and plump berries. Its scent draws us into a romantic forest, the light of the sun filtering through the leaves of oak and hazel trees on a beautiful summer day.


Komorebi owes its striking naturality to its airy, green structure. An armful of crisp mint leaves and a sap-scented breeze open the composition with fresh, bracing top notes. Its heart beats to the rhythm of the delicate yet powerful fragrance of reseda, whose balsamic facets are enhanced by powdery green mimosa. Juicy blackcurrant adds a sensuous, fruity dimension. The base notes are dominated by fine-grained hazel and potent oak, wrapped in tonka bean absolute.

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