Rouge Expert Click Stick


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No more compromises: one click and you can have it all!This 3-in-1 hybrid lipstick is rich like a balm, precise like a pencil and intense with premium pigment. In just one stroke, it reveals the boldestcolorimpact all day long.Absolute coverage and velvet-smooth comfort upon application through an ultra-feminine gesture. Its ergonomic drop-shaped tip instantly outlines the contour and fills the lips. A range ofglamorousshades from nude to pop to give your lips a bespoke touch of style. Simply click to offer a single dosage and apply on the lips with the tip up.

Together, a fusion of distinctive differences that results in a most extraordinary lipstick. Adding to the pleasure factor of the formula:

a creamy, supple, cushiony veil of texture — derived from a skin-nourishing duo of copolymers and vitamins — that glides on like silk, for the lightest sensation on lips.



Choose among 25 sumptuous velvety matte shades.


Press once and the lip color instantly appears.


Automatically, lips are precisely defined and perfectly filled in with an intensity of color.

Simply click* to offer a single dosage and apply on the lips with the tip up.

*One way system – Preserves lipstick shape and formula.

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