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The iconic eye piercing earring has shrunk: miniature eye motif and a freshwater pearl closure.

Material: 18kt yellow gold, sapphire or emerald 0.025ct, freshwater pearl.
Sold as single.

Handcrafted in Italy Care Instructions
Please follow list of steps below to ensure your jewelry lasts a lifetime:

  • Many of our products are very delicate. Damage or twist may occur with excessive uneven force.
  • Product may get caught in garments, resulting in unexpected accidents. Handle with care.
  • Remove product during physical work, sports, before bed, and keep away from reach of children. If skin irritation or problems are noticed during use, stop using immediately and consult a doctor.

Quartz and pearls

  • All products are delicately made and are sensitive to heat. We recommend avoiding conditions of high temperature and hot water. And perfumes.
  • Changes in appearance of surface finishes are not considered a defect, but a sign of normal wear and tear.

Chain bracelets and necklaces

  • It is advised that pieces with a T-bar are looped at least twice during wear. Avoid wearing during sport activities to prevent the T-bar from loosening up and coming undone. Do not excessively pressure the hardened parts of chain, as it is prone to bend / deform.
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