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Build your SIGMA BRACELET with the colour of your own choosing from 3 options: Light Blue, Khaki and Sand.

You can personalise your Sigma bracelet by changing cords with the colour of your choice, as the bracelet is designed to be easily unclasped and the elements can be attached again.


Please call us for counseling on how to compose your SIGMA bracelet.

This cord can’t be used by itself, it needs the closing system which is called ”the clasp” (sold separately) and also it needs to have at least one diamond element to be complete (also sold separately).

To create your bracelet you need:

-the cord (presented here in the pictures)

-the clasp which is the closing system of the bracelet (you can buy it from HERE)

-the diamond element (each item is sold separately and you can choose as many elements you wish). You can choose Element White Diamonds  from HERE or Element Black Diamonds from HERE


The cord wears beautifully through time while you swim, shower, etc, but should you wish to, you can always renew it with a different one. You can also keep building your bracelet by playing with more than one element, either adding more or wearing less of them. Enjoy it for yourself, or as a gift!


The price shown here is for one single item.



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