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N.03 The Berry Pink Baby Brush Essential LA BONNE BROSSE


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500 lei (TVA inclus)

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Gentleness for the most sensitive scalps
When you have a sensitive scalp, finding the right detangling brush is not always easy. With the Berry Pink Essential Soft Petite Brush, you’re sure to make the right choice. As its name suggests, this little brush detangles hair with great delicacy. Much better than brushing, it’s a moment of pure relaxation!

Composition of the berry pink detangling brush
Made from boar bristles and nylon fibers, the N.03 hair brush is ideal for people with fragile scalps. Soft yet strong, the nylon bristles stimulate your scalp while effectively detangling tangles. Set irregularly on a rubber cushion, the boar bristles provide the softness your hair deserves. Say goodbye to painful detangling sessions! And because they’re bursting with keratin, boar bristles also nourish your hair deep down, leaving it hydrated, shiny and stronger!

Our tips for using your boar bristle and nylon brush properly
In the morning, at noon or in the evening, treat yourself to a relaxing moment with your small boar bristle and nylon hair brush. Make sure you don’t use your detangling brush on wet hair or you might hurt it ! Also remember to detangle your hair in sections, starting from the bottom : this will allow you to remove knots without creating new ones.

Pro tip
Are you struggling with oily hair? Try our small boar bristle and nylon hair brush! Unlike most detangling brushes, this one is extremely gentle and doesn’t unnecessarily stimulate the sebaceous glands. Your hair stays clean for longer!

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