N.02 Cerise Baby Brush The Essential LA BONNE BROSSE


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Rich in boar bristles and nylon, the smdetangling brush is the ideal solution for caring for normal and thick hair. It provides softness, care and vitality and is suitable both for adults and young people

A small boar bristle and nylon brush to take with you wherever you go
On holiday, at the office or on a business trip, this small detangling brush goes everywhere! Thanks to its small size, it is easy to carry in your suitcase, handbag or even your pocket.
Although it doesn’t take up much space, the small hair brush doesn’t go unnoticed. !

The composition and benefits of small detangling brush
Every component of this hair brush has been carefully chosen, starting with the nylon bristles. Soft but strong, they stimulate the scalp and provide effective detangling: no knot can resist them! But contrary to what you might think, detangling your hair doesn’t have to be painful. The Essential Petite Brush is proof of that. Planted irregularly on a rubber cushion, the boar bristles of your small hair brush provide incomparable softness and delicacy. Full of keratin, the boar bristles draw excess sebum from the roots and distribute it evenly over your lengths. Your hair is nourished, shiny and stronger!

Tips for using your small boar bristle and nylon brush properly
Your small detangling brush is easy to handle and can be used on dry or slightly damp hair. How to use it: divide your hair into several sections, take one and proceed with detangling, starting with the ends. Gradually work your way up towards the roots, then move on to the next section.

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