N.03 Blue The Essential Softness Sensitive Scalp LA BONNE BROSSE


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N.03 Blue The Essential Softness Sensitive Scalp LA BONNE BROSSE


Gently cares for the hair
-The hair brush’s combination of boar bristles and nylon fibers provides complete and gentle care for the hair. The “”ball”” tips of the nylon fibers allow for a gentle detangling and deep massage.
-Rich in keratin, the boar bristles of the hair brush will moisturize and nourish your hair while leaving it shiny.

Gentle revitalizing massage
-Combining flexibility and stiffness, the nylon fibers have been perfectly designed to deeply massage the scalp while stimulating hair growth.
-The Blue Essential Soft Hair Brush is also perfect for children’s hair that is straight and soft.

How to use The Essential Softness Sensitive Scalp
-This hair brush is perfect for straight or soft hair types, and the most sensitive scalps.
-Use it as part of your morning routine for detangling and styling, and as part of your evening routine for complete care and deep cleansing before bed.

The composition of the hair brush
-Made of 100% natural boar bristles and nylon fibers, this hair brush gently detangles the hair and stimulates the scalp.
-The nylon fibers of the Blue Essential Soft Hair Brush are designed to be neither too stiff nor too soft, to effectively brush the hair without damaging the scalp.
-Using traditional French craftsmanship, each bristle is hand-placed on an ultra-flexible rubber base to ensure perfect bounce when styling and the softest touch for your scalp.

The Blue Essential Soft Hair Brush is perfect for hair that tends to get greasy quickly.
Its nylon fibers feature a soft tip to ensure that the sebaceous glands are not overstimulated, preventing the hair from becoming greasy too quickly.

How to brush your hair properly for better hygiene?
First of all by doing it twice a day for at least two minutes, and by using the right hairbrushes.
For optimal styling, it is recommended to use this hairbrush starting at the lengths then gradually working your way up to the roots and scalp.
Then replace the hair gently with your fingers.

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