N.01 Jaune/Yellow The Universal Care And Shine LA BONNE BROSSE


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N.01 Jaune/Yellow The Universal Care And Shine LA BONNE BROSSE

Why comb your hair regularly?
Above all to naturally moisturize the hair, rebalance the sebum and distribute it evenly over the hair fibre, from roots to ends.
The second benefit of hair brushing? Rid your hair of the impurities that accumulate there without resorting to any product.
Which brings us to the third great advantage of the operation: it allows you to space out the shampoos considerably.
The idea? Preserve your scalp, but also save time and lighten your mental load.

-Hair hydration & shine: Keratin-rich boar bristles draw the hair’s natural moisture from the roots and distribute it evenly throughout the length of the hair, to naturally hydrate your hair from root to tip. Immediate and long-lasting radiant shine.
-Hair sheathing: The structural composition of the boar bristles of the hairbrush coat the scales of the hair with keratin, tighten them for a stronger hair fiber that is resistant to external aggressions (heat, pollution). Sheathed hair takes shape more easily during styling.
-Sustainable cleanliness: Daily use of the blue Universal boar hairbrush rids the hair of impurities. Regular brushing can cut your shampoo frequency in half.
-The more you use it, the healthier and more beautiful your hair is. No more dry ends (and oily roots!)

The composition of the Universal Care and Shine Universal Hairbrush
-Composed of 100% boar bristles, an exact mirror of hair structure, the Blue Care and Shine Universal Hairbrush ensures moisturizing and gentle brushing.
-The 100% natural origin of boar hair guarantees the absence of static electricity.
-The irregular piling of the bristles of the hairbrush is expertly studied to penetrate all types of hair and achieve a deep regenerating massage of the scalp.
-The bristles are implanted by hand on an ultra-soft rubber to ensure optimal bounce during styling and the softest gesture for your scalp.

How to use The Care and Shine Universal Hairbrush
-This 100% boar bristle hairbrush is ideal for normal to fine (even fragile), straight or soft hair. Used in the morning, the Blue Care and Shine Universal Hairbrush allows detangling and regenerating styling, the evening ritual offers complete care and deep cleansing before the night.
-For normal to bulkier or curly hair, evening use is recommended.
-The Care and Shine Universal Hairbrush is best used on dry hair to benefit from the benefits of boar bristles.

How to brush your hair properly for better hygiene?
First of all by doing it twice a day for at least two minutes, and by using the right hairbrushes.
For optimal styling, it is recommended to use this hairbrush starting at the lengths then gradually working your way up to the roots and scalp.
Then replace the hair gently with your fingers.

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