Une Nuit Nomade

Creation is often the symbiosis between an encounter and a passion. We –Alexandra & Philippe- always believed in this idea. At a previous time, serendipity got us closer together. During a shared meal a dream came out loud.

Alexandra told me about her solitary discovery of India, China and Japan. During these trips, she developed her knowledge and passion for plant life. She thoroughly studied their cosmetic properties by researching and analyzing writings from these various countries. Her naturally inquiring mind lead her to register for a Bachelor's degree in Biology to broaden and perfect her knowledge. In the midst of this enthusiasm, I would tell her about my stopovers in Thailand and Indonesia and express my love for Asia, holistic synthesis of pure luxury, floral richness.
Words found their way and lead to a bold project. We decided to create our own line of fragrances and 100% natural body care products, the offshoot of our combined passions for the art of travel, natural products and excellence in handcraft. Bali would become our first obvious stop. We went there to see, smell. Within a few weeks, we had lived an olfactory revolution in front of an Ylang-Ylang flower, the magical touch of a healer, a starry night with a Jasmine scent…

As soon as we returned we launched “Une Nuit A Bali”, which was to become the alchemy of our memories and sensations.

The legitimate link between French elegance and Asian charm.

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