Sana Jardin
Sana Jardin was built on the principles of a circular economy; their alternative business model enables women in the supply chain to become micro-entrepreneurs by upcycling the waste products from perfume production.
The brand's Beyond Sustainability™ model empowers the floral harvesters with the skills and materials they need to increase their wages through commerce, not charity. The model is based on “flower recycling” within a circular economy and illustrates that luxury business can be used to drive social change. The local women develop and sell their own products - candles and orange blossom water - from the waste of the perfume production, receiving 100% of the profits.
Sana Jardin contributes to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for 2030, to empower women (goal 5), promote sustainable economic growth with full, productive employment (goal 8), and ensure sustainable production practices (goal 12).
“I believe each of us can be an agent of change. With Sana Jardin, I wanted to demonstrate that it is possible to offer both luxury perfume and a powerful consumer choice, to economically empower the local communities involved in its creation. The soul and beauty of our fragrances owe their legacy to the natural, floral materials and the women who harvest them. They deserve to share in the value of the supply chain and truly flourish.” Amy Christiansen, founder of Sana Jardin
The collection of eight intoxicating eaux de parfums exude nature's most exotic scents and harness the healing life force of plant and flower essential oils. The collection is designed to transport and seduce, but also give the wearer a role in the cycle of change; empowering all woven in its circle, from harvester to consumer. A true flower revolution.

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