Under the influence of diamonds

“Diamonds are iconic yet playful, timeless yet always fashionable. They are the epitome of style” says Raphaele.

Her vision has always been about adding a modern twist to timeless design.

A Parisian by birth, now living in London, Raphaele was early drawn to the creative worlds of Jewellery design and Contemporary Art, creating stunning bespoke objets d’art for the elite collectors around the world.

She considers herself fortunate to have worked at the most iconic brands in the industry. Whether her remit has been to reinterpret the masters at Cartier with iconic jewellery collections or invent a style for De Beers, the world’s most famous diamond brand, her work remains focused on the symbolic and meaningful.

Her innovative use of rough diamonds for the Talisman collection at De Beers has changed the perception of diamonds, giving her international recognition and building the path to her new journey.

From there, Raphaele derived her philosophy: her Jewellery must be timeless and beautiful, with a strong sense of wit. Under the influence of diamonds and under her own name, Raphaele now works as a Diamond Curator and Private Jeweler, finding rare gems and creating bespoke Jewellery for collectors around the world.

For her collection, she is launching a precious yet youthful line of small Jewellery designed to integrate seamlessly into a woman’s Jewellery wardrobe, adding a dash of supplemental style to her daily look.

Expect the ultimate stylish wearable jewels.

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