Lia Di Gregorio

Lia Di Gregorio creates contemporary jewellery with a highly personal style, balancing passion and technical mastery. Through an aesthetics of "meaningful design", she shapes high-quality prêt-à-porter creations that answer only to her inspiration, not to market trends. Lia's distinctive style resonates immediately with the sensibilities of kindred spirits. Never overstated, her jewels are easy to wear. They don't impose on your style but let you give it the perfectly pitched voice you seek.Lia's jewellery breaks with tradition. Playing with proportions, her creativity brings about novel concepts and shapes. In Lia's rigorous design practice, setting the limits is as important as exploring the possibilities; reason and emotion form a well-tuned pair. With clean, sculptural lines, these jewels are flawlessly crafted, their beauty long-lasting. Lia understands metals and their properties. She masters a variety of techniques, including casting, welding, and inlay. Her Milan atelier is home to the craftsmen, designers and goldsmiths who collaborate with her. While pursuing innovative solutions, her work is also engaged in conversation with classic expressions of Italy's manual-crafts tradition. Lia Di Gregorio has created precious ornaments for the body since 1986. She is inspired by art and architecture in their classical and contemporary forms, and is passionate about fashion, plants and flowers. Lia's jewels are found in upmarket concept and lifestyle stores. Her production, that is entirely handcrafted in Italy, also includes custom-made pieces, carefully designed to a client's specifications.

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