Delbôve is a forerunner in developing skincare products based on the powers of plants and nature. Right from the very start, the formulas we developed in the 1960s drew on active ingredients sourced from medicinal plants and phytotherapy.

Delbôve uses plant-based oils and essences to create gentle yet deeply effective products designed to restore your skin’s ability to heal itself.
The Delbôve philosophy offers the possibility of reconnecting with your skin and getting back to its essential functioning, letting its natural beauty shine through.

To help the skin re-establish its natural vital functions by itself (including protection, metabolisation, hydration and regeneration), Marion and Roger Delbôve stripped their formulas of any chemical or artificial boost that would only ever be superficial or short-lived. Instead, they harnessed the powers of nature and medicinal plants, extracting active ingredients capable of naturally stimulating the skin’s innate functioning.

Back in the 1960s, Marion Delbôve was inspired by pharmacopoeias and herbalism books in developing her formulas; an ardent believer in the acknowledged power of medicinal plants in healing and skincare through the centuries.  Today, the brand is true to its legacy and continues to use medicinal plants and techniques with a proven track record in phytotherapy. In 2018, the brand celebrated 50 years of natural, vegan, animal cruelty-free skincare products.

Each Delbôve product is made from a combination of medicinal plants recommended for treating a specific problem. Each product is packed full of different plants, with active ingredients accounting for a very high percentage of the overall formula. In comparison to standard creams, these formulas have a very low water content.

Combining the natural powers of medicinal plants and rigorously applied scientific expertise, Delbôve uses mother tinctures to retain a maximum of therapeutic properties in its unique formulas. These natural plant extracts have a proven capacity to get to work under the surface of the skin, offering targeted action for issues related to sensitivity and cutaneous ageing. These exceptional ingredients result in spectacular transformations that customers notice in their skin over time.

The sheer diversity and wealth of the natural world are central to Delbôve’s products. The natural cycle of the seasons means that botanical resources can differ depending on the time of year. As a result, your favourite products may vary in colour or appearance, but their effectiveness remains completely unaltered. Embrace it as a happy surprise, an uplifting reminder of the beauty of living nature, and proof that Delbôve don’t try to iron out variations through artificial means!

You will not find in these products animal-derived or animal cruelty-sourced ingredients: Mineral oils; Parabens; Phenoxyethanol; Formaldehyde; Silicones; Phtalates; Ethanolamines (MEA/DEA/TEA, ammonia derivatives)

Delbôve embraces a holistic approach to skincare that respects skin’s natural functions and mixology. Its formulas are developed on active ingredients sourced from phytotherapy and medicinal plants described in pharmacopoeia, with scientifically-proven benefits. The plants are macerated before the mother tinctures are extracted.

Delbôve is designed for all skin types (very sensitive skin loves them!), from women to men, young to old, summer to winter.

The Delbôve philosophy offers the possibility of reconnecting with your skin and getting back to its essential functioning, letting its natural beauty shine through.

Delbôve promises: green and clean cosmetics, made in France, between 94-99.8% of natural origin.

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