CELLCOSMET & CELLMEN are based on cellular cosmetology, and they are the first skin care products to contain Stabilized Bio-Integral cells. Their very high cellular concentrations offer the skin a rich reservoir of natural stimulators. Unlike most cellular cosmetics, which use freeze-dried cells, the Cellcosmet & Cellmen products are enriched with cells whose biological integrality has been preserved. Thanks to an exclusive method of stabilization, Cell control, these cells are kept for months in their bio-integral state. This ensures that the cells remain in their most effective state in skin-care products. The result of this breakthrough development is a skin-care line that is exceptionally effective in beautifying the skin. Behind this evolution lies one man, Dr Alfred Pfister (1910-1990), Swiss doctor and former student of Professor Paul Niehans.

In order to ensure that products have the optimum effect on your skin, Cellcosmet are committed to use only: organic, virgin, first cold-pressed plant oils,100% pure and natural essential oils, algae and marine components harvested in line with their natural growth cycle. Similarly, the entire team creating Cellcosmet is against the use of certain ingredients and guarantee products free from: artificial colouring, alcohol and essential oils that have been synthetically reproduced or chemically modified.

Conscious that the skin is a living organ that evolves over the course of one's life, we have developed treatments that differ depending on one's stage in life. This is why we offer products with varying cellular concentrations, that respond to the exact physiological age of the skin and its specific needs. This is a first in the world of cosmetic.

As an off-shoot of cellular therapy, cellular cosmetics came into existence in Switzerland in the 1980s. It was inspired by the medical application developed in 1931 by the founder of cellular therapy, Swiss Professor Paul Niehans. However, it would prove to be a long scientific journey before this revitalising technique could be successfully applied to the world of cosmetics.

In 1982, Roland C. Pfister created Cellap Laboratoire S.A. The company would devote itself exclusively to researching and developing cosmetic products.

And just two years later, in August 1984 they finally came up with a definitive formulation that could be used in cosmetic treatments. Initially these treatments were only available to patients at the revitalisation clinic, still managed at the time by Roland C. Pfister. But with the experimental stage at a close and given the products' immediate success, it seemed only logical to make these unique skin care treatments internationally available.

In 1986, Cellap Laboratoire S.A. took up premises in Mont-sur-Lausanne, Switzerland where it is home to its own production and processing laboratory, a technologically pioneering R& D department and a team of leading cosmetologists and biologists. Cellap Laboratoire completed the development of the CellControlTM method in 1987. This was a real breakthrough in the world of cosmetics and a key moment in the history of cellular cosmetics. It also heralded the start of an international success story. To this day, the CellControlTM method that Cellap Laboratory reapplies to its cellular products remains the most effective and best adapted treatment for stimulating skin revitalisation.

From the onset, Cellap Laboratoire was clear in its desire to emphasise the Swiss origins of its product lines. With the Cellcosmet range packaged in red and white and the Cellmen range in grey and white, the Swiss flag integrated into the company logo and the guarantee of the Swisscos label, these products are a clear reminder to international customers of the Swiss standards and know-how from which they hail.

Moreover, given that the products are developed, manufactured and packaged from start to finish in Switzerland, Cellap Laboratoire can legitimately add the "100% Swiss Made" label to its Cellcosmet and Cellmen ranges.

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