Since she was a child, Cèline D' Aoust has always been fascinated by stones. She recalls playing with the precious jewellery of her grandmother's ( both precious and otherwise ) inheriting a passion for their symbolic value from her mother she has aquired the knowledge of the energy-inducing properties of gems and stones.

Celine unveiled her signature collection in 2009 working with exceptional precious and semi precious stones. Since then she travels back and forth to
Jaipur several times each year where she meticulously chooses each stone she will work with. Cèline has a passion for the fascinating palette of colors of the tourmaline.

It is however in the setting of her studio in Brussels that the alchemy begins, where ideas become jewels, where poetry meets refinement. It is here that Cèline's attention to detail and the sparkle of the stones come together to such great effect. She focuses on playing with contrasts like rough and precious elements, all her jewellery are made by hand, her creations being unique and delicate.

Cèline develops in her fine jewellery collection a remarkable palette of tourmaline jewels.

Colored tourmaline grow in an environment rich in liquids
and some of those liquids are often captured as inclusions during the crystal
growth. The most typical inclusions resemble thread – like cavities that run parallel to the length of the crystal. Inclusions are much more visible in gems with light tone and low saturation. Cèine D'Aoust consideres these inclusions as an essential element to the nature of the stone, the imperfections are

Cèline met some of the finest artisans in Jaipur who still work according to the traditional methods dating back from the Maharajahs. She has developed what she'd been looking for: delicate, high quality gems and savoir-faire.

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