Boadicea The Victorious is Britain's archetypical warrior queen: she shaped the mould that inspired later rulers like Elizabeth and Victoria when carving out the contours of kingdom and empire. Her ferocity, dignity and bravery still inspire, and continue to inform our concept of courage and feminine valour. The warrior queen's iconic ferocity, passion and strength are the very principles that motivate and drive the luxury brand which bears her name. Every Boadicea the Victorious product proudly displays its British heritage and luxurious credentials.

Unique in its style and concept, Boadicea the Victorious is a pioneering luxury fragrance brand. Its range of scents represents, evokes and celebrates ancient courage and power. Traditional British craftsmanship and skill have created a fragrance and lifestyle range that is distinctive, innovative and truly elegant. The Boadicea line is a celebration of strength, beauty and nobility. Fragrances from the Boadicea the Victorious collection are presented in delicate vessels fit for royalty. These are beautifully crafted, carved and worked vessels made by The English Pewter Company, a traditional British workshop.

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