Baobab Collection first saw the light of day in 2002 in the enchanting landscape of Tanzania, a country rich in intense colours and bewitching perfumes. The collection of hand-made perfumed candles, produced in Belgium since 2004, brings us the full magnitude of its African heritage in the "All seasons" range. The latest creations transport you to nes destinations, fragrang journeys that reincarnate the landscapes of China, the Russian steppes and the great pyramids of Egypt.

Baobab Collection includes a wide choice of large decorative candles presented in transparent and coloured glass vases or in stainless steel holders. Among the five different sizes in the collection, the majestic "Maxi Max" adds a completely new dimension to our traditional interior candles. This candle that is forty centimetres high has seven wicks and weighs almost ten kilos. It will light up and perfume your evenings for almost one thousand hours without leaving any traces of wax on the glass. An exceptional quality that is not possible without access to exceptional expertise and the meticulous work of true craftsmen.

The raw materials are selected with extreme care and the fragrances are elaborated by a renowed perfumer in Grasse, the veritable temple of world perfumery. The wax used, mineral and non-oily, is the most superior quality and purity available anywhere; the wicks are produced with top wuality Egyptian cotton. The black box is covered with buckram paper created by a Belgian craftsman.

These materials have been chosen for their superior quality and also for their respect for our planet. The containers moreover can be recycled as they have a second life once empthy... a glass, a vase, a champagne bucket.

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