Stéphane Humbert Lucas was born 6 October 1971 in Épinal, the French town known for its proverbial printed images. Painter and poet, Stéphane Humbert Lucas was schooled in tempura in Antibes (southwestern France) under a Flemish master.

The young creator refined his art in a class presided over by Jean Cardot in Paris's Montparnasse quarter. For years the canvasses piled up in a bohemian quarter of Paris, later to be hung in an intriguing locale near the Pompidou Museum. This space was devoted to the NEZ A NEZ perfumes, both illustrated and displayed, of which Stéphane Humbert Lucas as their creator is justly proud. The store and laboratory lived in the heart of rue Quincampoix, a hybrid boutique marrying perfumes and prints, here Stéphane Humbert Lucas immersed himself by sculpting unusual perfumes with a young perfumer enamoured with Cézanne.

A determining encounter with the perfumer Henri Sorsana (Ted Lapidus, Annick Goutal, l’Artisan parfumeur, Reminiscence) pushed the self-­‐taught SHL to express his artistic ambivalences by using his synesthesia, the fusion of the cognitive senses. For many years, SHL, in love with writings and voyages, has tried to tame his trouble through psychoanalysis. Perfume is his catalyzer.

Drawn to the Arab world, which he sees as the 'cradle of the universe', SHL literally frees himself and examines his desires through perfume. 'The Middle East has a smell; I love its smell.'

"Lately, I have been calmly observing, year after year, a whole world. An entire block, an indivisible rock, yet full of characters. Names of patriarchs, kings, crowned chieftains, covered with honors. All are responsible; all are moved by an unbreakable faith. I am attracted by this fire, this soul fervor, beyond the material chains." SHL

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